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Small Business is a Big Ransomware Target

More than 70% of ransomware attacks target small business, with an average time of infection to encryption within three (3) minutes. Most data breaches and ransomware outbreaks happen because of two problem areas: 1) The perpetrators take advantage of known vulnerabilities from outdated, unpatched and unmonitored operating systems/applications; 2) The typical end-user is given too much […]

No Ransom, No Cry

The recent WannaCry (WannaCrypt) malware attack further shows how many organizations are still unprepared to prevent, respond and recover from such attacks.  This malware and a lot of other viruses typically take advantage of a well-known exploits, most of which have a fixes/updates to mitigate these issues. Case in point, MS17-010.  This security update had been out almost […]